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B.o.B Sits with DJ A.C.E. to Talk About Upcoming Album ‘Underground Luxury’

November 22, 2013
bob 2

bob 2

Bobby Ray, stage name B.o.B, made a stop in Charlotte, NC to give bloggers, DJ’s and members of the media a first hand listen at his upcoming album ‘Underground Luxury’.  The youngest in charge, DJ A.C.E. was there to capture the moment and had the chance to sit down and talk with the rapper about his latest project.  ‘Underground Luxury’ is hitting stores December 17th, and majority of the album was produced by B.o.B himself. Talk about talented!

There is literally one word to describe this album…dope.  Definitely an album to cop.  When asked how his approach to song writing on this album is different from his past albums, the rapper said:

Well the songwriting process for me has been the same really.  I think what has changed is the content because I have always pulled from my life experience.  My life has changed, so the content has changed, and my perspective has changed.  I am much older and I see things much differently than I did when I was a kid.

Look out for this album.  Hands down one of the dopiest albums of this year.  Catch the track listing below and stay tuned for the album!

1. “All I Want”
2. “One Day”
3. “Paper Route
4. “Ready” f. Future
5. “Throwback” f. Chris Brown
6. “Back Me Up”
7. “Coastline”
8. “Wide Open”
9. “FlyMuthaFucka”
10. “HeadBand” f. 2 Chainz
11. “John Doe” f. Priscilla Renae
12. “Cranberry Moon Walk” f. Mike Fresh
13. “Nobody Told Me
14. “Forever”
15. “We Still In This Bitch” f. T.I., Juicy J



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