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The Vocal Vixen Interviews ASAP Ty Beats!

August 16, 2013
asap ty beats

asap ty beats

If you’ve been wondering who has been behind some of your favorite A$AP Rocky songs, think no more.  ASAP Ty beats is a 19-year-old hit maker and member of the ASAP Mob.  The producer created his first hit called “Uww Girl” featuring a group called Team Fly Guys, and produced another hit with a Harlem group called Spotlight garnishing the attention of over 20 million people! The Virginia native has been pumping out hits after him and A$AP met via social media.  The Vocal Vixen has a chance to interview him.  Check out the interview below and be sure to follow him on Twitter @ASAPTYBEATS.

How did you become a member of ASAP Mob?

After graduating high school I came to New York to pursue music with Rocky. We’d met earlier that year on Facebook,  after coming across him and Ferg video Get High  I wrote Rocky to see what else music he had done. We’d learned we shared several things including our birthdays and love for music. Thats when I sent him beats and the records you know as Peso and Purple Swag had been recorded. He sent me the tracks back, I didnt stop playing them. I came back to New York that Summer, met up with him, and he asked me to join ASAP. I’m down because its a positive message in the name Always Strive and Prosper (ASAP). I soon found that it wasn’t only about music, there’s fashion, art,  videography, sports, even people with common jobs are involved. People grasp to the movement they see diversification and want to bring something to the table this makes us stronger than most teams that might just focus on music.

What is it like to be a member of ASAP Mob, and who is the funniest?  You guys seem like a tight knit family?

We tend to stay focused on our task and talents individually and bring them together to make final work. It’s a team we have our parts to play. It’s not everyday we’re together but when we are it’s mostly good times. When the jokes start I try not to get involved too much because the funniest jokes come from the older members like Nast, Ty-Y, or Chace. We stay tight though for sure because we want to mostly and because we relate to one another more than some people might see.

What was the creative process like when producing “Pe$o”?

I probably was up early one morning making it. I would jump out of my sleep sometimes just to put on my headphones and make something new. I definitely got samples from my dads music though. All older people have their songs they reminisce about the old days to or that soothes them. I like these songs as well I just know how to turn them into something that soothes my ears. A lot of the time I worked off pure energy, I could go without eating or using the bathroom long periods of time and not even notice. Hours could pass and I’d be focused on the computer screen..

What’s your favorite track that you’ve produced so far, and why?

My favorite track that I’ve produced so far is Hella Hoes with Rocky. It reminded me of his other track Been Around the World. I couldn’t stop listening to Been Around the World at one point. It got me through my train rides in 2011. It’s still my favorite record from Rocky.

How do you develop such a different sound and what do you think sets you apart from other producers?

I hear so many sounds a day I can’t see myself making the same thing over and over. That’s when people know you for a certain sound and expect that sound from you. I don’t stop myself from creating new because that’s what makes it more interesting. I wouldn’t want anyone being able to automatically point out my beats it’s better that I surprise them with new sound that way that they can hear a collective of different things from me.

What was it like working with School Boy Q’s for his single “Nightmare on Fig St.”?

I didn’t personally work with Q on the record however having him on there is crazy because he’s from L.A and I’m from V.A, my town is way smaller than his and so distant at the same time. I never thought I’d work with someone from out there glad it was him though. Chace who’s from out there made that happen. Him being such a hippy but hard rapper makes him stand out to me. Those adlibs make his records even more exciting. I think we’ll make something ten times better than that though my sound is starting to get more mellow Nightmare on Fig St. came together the way it did because of the sounds I used.

Where do you see yourself as a producer within the next few years?

I’m branding; really trying to capitalize on business ventures. It wasn’t always on my mind but I see  Pharrell became a household brand with Billionaire Boys Club and his work with Bape. I’m following in his footsteps when it comes down to business. I think I can make something every kid, teen, and young adult would wear or have on them. I’m also looking into other media and equipment developing outsources to broaden the producer life while bringing attention to ASAP Worldwide.

 If you aren’t producing, what would you be doing in your spare time?

 If not producing I’d write movies and direct. I feel like that’s the next big thing because that incorporates music and image. I’m always thinking of movie ideas. This summer I was supposed to begin my first film but bringing the story together takes time, good equipment, and a reliable team.

What are some of your upcoming projects that you’re working on?

I’m currently putting together a mix tape. It’ll be dope to finally have a collective of music for myself and fans that love the songs I produced. They’ll be able to see I don’t have just one sound and I think it’s important for me to have something out there like a mix tape that way I don’t have to put up exclusive beats on the Internet. That’s one of my pet peeves. I’m excited about it because i see that I have progressed exponentially since my earliest days of beat making. I think I know how to constructs tracks better now and can actually hear certain artist on the tracks before they actually are. The project is another addition to my music “resume” it’ll bring more opportunities as well.

 How are the ladies handling your new found success? 

 I’m staying focused. To have a bunch of women is time consuming. I got a bunch of brothers though they love women and would gladly take them instead. For now I’m sticking to music, business, and keeping a clear head so that I progress as much as I can. I would suggest anybody to do the same it’s easy to get distracted with the opposite sex whether its school, sports, arts, or a day to day job. I see where I want to be with a clear eye view. I can’t let anything get in the way of greatness.

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